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Insertion of a Holding Company

Insertion of a Holding Company

Profits developed by a successful business are often reinvested into working capital to continue its growth.

Company owners may also make a decision to capitalise some profit for the longer term, by investing it in tangible fixed assets (plant & machinery property) or acquiring other businesses.  Acquiring capital assets of this nature may also help the business growth or it could be seen as a way of securing its base and increasing profitability in the mid to long term.

If material capital assets are acquired then they are valuable to the company and its shareholders and it is wise to be pro-active in protecting their ownership and value.

The use of a holding company is a relatively straight forward way of protecting a business’ fixed capital base.

Property, plant and machinery and ownership of other businesses can be distributed to a holding company from the existing trading company, so that creditors of the trade can never have a claim over those capital assets.

Tax Status

The transfer of fixed assets from Trade Co to Holding company can be carried out free from tax.

If a holding company is not already in place, then it should be possible to insert one without incurring any tax liabilities.  Although to insert the company free from tax it will be imperative to gain a clearance from HMRC before proceeding.

Consideration of other taxes such as VAT will be important and establishing the Holding Company with its own accounting system and bank account is often a good idea.

If you would like to understand the benefits and practicalities of utilising a holding company for asset protection please call and ask to speak to arrange an initial free consultation with Paul Davison

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