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HMRC Enquiries & Voluntary Disclosures

HMRC Enquiries & Voluntary Disclosures

Do you have previously unreported income or gains? Are you subject to an HMRC enquiry?

The PD Tax team understand that corresponding with HMRC can be daunting and have helped many clients deal with tax investigations and disclosures.

HMRC continues to crack down on tax non-compliance, and with increased resources for gathering information from different states and financial institutions it is important that enquiries and disclosures are dealt with promptly and in a professional manner.


Where you have previously unreported income or gains and are keen to settle your tax affairs, we can provide advice regarding the most appropriate avenue for pro-active disclosure, consider whether a disclosure can be made under one of HMRC’s targeted campaigns, prepare the relevant documentation, and negotiate with HMRC in order to secure the best possible result for you and your business.

There are currently two HMRC campaigns targeted at a specific taxpayer group or type of activity:

  1. Let Property Campaign – aimed at landlords with undisclosed rental income
  2. Card Transaction Programme – aimed at businesses who accept credit or debit card payments but have not registered with HMRC and/or have failed to declare all income.

If a disclosure does not fall within one of the above campaigns, a disclosure can be made under the Digital Disclosure Service, or under the Worldwide Disclosure Facility for offshore tax issues.


HMRC can conduct a check into your tax affairs at any point to ensure that you are paying the right amount of tax. If you or your business are selected, you will receive a letter from HMRC in which they will provide the details of the aspects of your affairs that they wish to inspect and investigate further.

What might HMRC investigate?

HMRC may launch an investigation into aspects of your affairs such as the following:

  • The tax that you pay;
  • Your accounts and tax calculations;
  • Your Self-Assessment Tax Return for a given year/years;
  • Your company tax return;
  • Your PAYE records and returns if you’re an employer;
  • Your VAT returns and records if you’re VAT registered.

We have dealt with enquiries in the full range of taxes, including enquiries through:

  • Specialist Investigations
  • HMRC Local Compliance
  • Code of Practice 9
  • Code of Practice 8
  • Offshore Coordination Unit

Why contact us?

We understand that having your affairs investigated by HMRC can be very stressful.

We can review your circumstances, advise you of the most appropriate approach to be taken and liaise with HMRC on your behalf to achieve the best possible results, giving you peace of mind that the matter will be settled in the most effective way.

Contact us today to discuss your tax requirements.
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