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September 25, 2013

Registering for Tax Returns

The UK tax system requires taxpayers to self-assess their liability to tax.

Therefore where a person is required to submit a tax return they are also responsible for notifying HM Revenue and Customs of the requirement to submit a tax return.

How to Register for Self-Assessment Tax Returns

Taxpayers who are required to submit a tax return should contact HMRC, normally by submitting form SA1 before 5 October following the end of the relevant tax year.

Therefore the deadline for the tax year 2012/13 of 5 October 2013 is fast approaching.

In subsequent years HMRC should automatically issue a self-assessment tax return unless the taxpayers circumstances change and are no longer required to self-assess.

Potential Issues

Difficulties can arise where:

- The taxpayer has failed to register for self-assessment by the due date and is worried about disclosing historic tax liabilities,

- The taxpayer has not notified HMRC by the due date and is concerned about or has been issued with late notification penalties,

- The taxpayer does not have a UK National Insurance Number,

- The taxpayer is not comfortable with tax issues in general and would prefer a tax agent to act on their behalf,

- The taxpayer is unsure as to whether they are required to submit a tax return and/or notify HMRC (see our recent blog http://wp.me/p3gayI-4z),

- The taxpayer has registered for self-assessment but is unsure how to move forwards with preparing and submitting their tax returns,

If you would like to discuss your 2012/13 tax return or registering for self-assessment please call Paul Davison or Vikki Elliott on Leeds 0113 887 8432.

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