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September 16, 2021

Licence Tax Checks for Taxi Drivers & Scrap Metal Dealers

From April 2022, in order for individuals to renew certain licences they will be required to prove to HMRC that they have completed a "tax check".

These new rules, which apply in England and Wales, will apply to the following licences:

  • Taxi Driver Licences;
  • Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) Driver Licences;
  • PHV Operator Licences;
  • Mobile Collector Licences for Scrap Metal Dealers; and
  • Site Licences for Scrap Metal Dealers.

Individuals looking to renew their licences will be need to complete an online check to confirm that they are registered for self-assessment. The aim of the measure is to ensure that applicants have complied with their tax obligations.

The introduction of this tax check is one of the latest tools that HMRC are set to introduce in order to make it harder for people to operate in the "hidden economy".

If you have any queries regarding HMRC tax compliance campaigns, or require assistance with bringing your tax affairs in order, please feel free to contact a member of our team.

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