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We are upfront and transparent with fees. Whether you are a returning client or seeking our services for the first time, we want the basis of all our relationships to be clear and fair.

Our Fees

Our bespoke services are tailored to each individual client, therefore our fees will vary depending upon the circumstances and complexity of each case. Our fees will be on a time-spent basis, unless agreed otherwise, and we are able to provide fee estimates and regular updates regarding the time spent on your case.

For your reference, fees for our basic services start from as follows:

  • Meeting with Paul Davison – from £650 plus VAT
  • Personal Tax Returns – from £650 plus VAT
  • Trust and Estate Tax Returns – from £650 plus VAT
  • Written advice – from £1,200 plus VAT

Please note that we only charge for meetings where advice will be provided, and you will not be charged for an information-gathering consultation.

The fee rates for our team are dependent upon experience. Fee rates from 1st April 2023 are as follows:

Member of the TeamHourly rate (£)
Paul Davison FCCA CTA405
Lucy Bagnall CTA310
Laura Brennen150
Kelly Marie-Patterson135
Lloyd Bean/Daniel Hill130
Patrick Ainsworth110

We also offer a Tax Sounding Board service for qualified accountants who may find it useful to have informal discussions regarding tax solutions for their clients.

Contact us today to discuss your tax requirements.
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