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Human Dignity

All key stakeholders, particularly staff, are encouraged to speak about their views in relation to:
– The general policies of the firm
– Client service
– Marketing
– The firm’s procedures
– Tax technical services and analysis

Everyone has a valid opinion and deserves to be listened to and have their ideas considered. People treat each other with respect and show an interest in the ideas of others.



Those who adopt the firm’s procedures and ethics are working in good faith for PD Tax and PD Tax will support them through good times and any more difficult times.

Ecological Sustainability

PD Tax is committed to moving on a reasonable path towards ecological sustainability. This includes areas such as:

  • Utilising technology to minimise paper and waste
  • Encouraging the utilisation of technology to avoid travel if appropriate and not at the detriment of the firm’s performance
  • Encouraging travel to work in an ecological manner
  • Encouraging the team to not consume electricity in the office if not necessary
  • Considering whether travel to clients’ premises is necessary, or whether the discussions can be done via telephone or video conferencing
  • Print internal documentation double sided on paper
  • Encourage recycling

Social Justice

Opportunities for work projects, training, client interaction and attendances at seminars/conferences/events are allocated between our staff in a fair and equitable manner.

Fair and equitable means those whose roles are most relevant to the opportunity, those who show greater enthusiasm and commitment towards the area of opportunity, those who need to develop in the area of the opportunity and those whose involvement is most likely to enrich the team as a whole.

We will review the opportunities and privileges of each team member on a regular basis to ensure that there is a fair balance overall. If any member of staff feels that there is an issue with social justice, they should raise it with the Director Group.

Democratic Participation

PD Tax actively encourage any ideas or suggestions from team members on matters with respect to the firm. The Director Group will always make the final decision on key matters for the firm as they have the most experience and have had more dealings in the running of a Tax Practice. However, they will account for the views of the staff on key matters in making their decisions.

PD Tax are committed to being open about the firm’s performance, its direction and the role which each individual can play in the firm in the short, medium and long term.

Our Clients

PD tax has a responsibility to provide balanced tax advice to our clients, informing them equally of the risks of moving forward with tax planning and the rewards of doing so.

Our clients should be moving forward with planning on the basis that they understand the overall possible consequences and that they are comfortable that they will not be adversely judged by the communities based on their actions taken under our guidance.

It is our duty to remain up to date with tax developments wherever possible and to be pro-active in providing advice.

The UK Treasury

PD Tax’s explicit duty of care lies with our clients, as we are contracted by them. However, our professional ethics and the objectives of our firm mean that we have a duty to the UK Treasury to encourage our clients to deliver a fair amount of tax to the Treasury in relation to the relevant tax rules.


PD Tax will pay our suppliers at an agreed time for any services provided to us which are of a state that are expected, considering the marketplace and the scope of services that have been agreed. If services fall below an expected standard, payment for supplies may not be made until relevant discussion/rectification has occurred.

Professional Contacts / Referrers

If a contact refers a potential piece of work to PD Tax, it is polite to thank them. We should not pressurise or expect potential referrers to pass leads to us. If a lead does convert into a piece of work, we must keep the referrer in the loop. We should always only refer our clients to professionals/suppliers who we genuinely believe will do the best job for our clients.


The shareholders of the business are the last to benefit from any profits made by the company and they should not expect to receive distributions of profits if the reserves of the company do not support continued growth. Conversely if the reserves of the company are in excess of supporting growth then they should expect the opportunity to receive those excess funds as a return on investment.

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